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     Through various streams of creative output, Jake Kaplan seeks to explore the depth of the human experience from his own point of view.  However, he believes that human experience remains shallow without experiencing the point of view of others.  Through honest performance, education, and composition, Jake Kaplan wants to help others explore the depths human experience as well.  While his work ranges from artistic to commercial, he is known for maintaining an authentic sense of artistic integrity.  His experience leading ensembles, organizing large groups, and rehearsing his own compositions has put him in a position of being able to see a vision through to completion, while still leaving other creators space to express themselves.  

     Jake Kaplan received his Bachelor's in jazz bass performance from the University of the Arts (w/ honors), and his Master's in jazz composition from the New England Conservatory (w/ honors).  He is greatly influenced by his private teachers Micah Jones and Frank Carlberg, who encouraged him to explore his own artistic identity without sacrificing the space for other artists to be who they are. 

     Jake is currently an instructor with the Rowan University Community Music School.  He runs a private home studio as well, focusing on composition and bass lessons for students at any level from beginner to advanced.  

Jake Headshots 2019-21.jpg
 "In a world where musicians struggle to stand out, I think this guy might just have a shot." - The Hook Journal
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