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Public Art & Works

Jake Headshots 2019-13.jpg

     While studying at The New England Conservatory, Jake Kaplan found a sense of direction in dedicating himself to community engagement and social action.  As a member of NEC's first Initiative for Social Change, he was deeply involved with programming positive initiatives for NEC and the greater Boston area.  Jake Currently works with underserved students in Philadelphia area.


      He is emerging as a  multi- disciplinary artist who is bridging the gaps between creative music and public art.  Creative place- making is an especially poignant place of interest, as he is currently researching the creation of functional spaces to encourage creativity.  Co- creating and curating with a community mindset dominates his work, while he also addresses living in and wrestling with the current American political climate.  


     The Voices of the Pines is Jake's most recent work in progress. The work is a multimedia installation which pairs GPS technology with an interactive musical experience. It is currently being composed in collaboration with a team of artists from several mediums. The initial testing phase is set to begin in spring '21.


      Jake also co- curates a contemporary concert series with Sam Gellerstein, entitled 'Undone.'  The mission of the 'Undone' series is to highlight works and performers who are underrepresented in the Philadelphia music community.  The 'Undone' series is currently partnered with Ryan Fitzgerald of Boku Art Gallery, in order to increase the accessibility of contemporary music in the city.  

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