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Jazz & Contemporary Music

     Jazz and improvisation are a means to achieving a deep connection between people.  Through performance, Jake Kaplan bridges the gap between social issues, music, and community engagement.  As a jazz musician, he believes in forming deep connections through performance with musicians from diverse cultures and backgrounds.  He actively seeks to perform with musicians whose experience differs from his own.   
     He leads two contemporary large ensembles (Yellow 11 & 20,000), and is a member of several regularly performing small groups (Osmos).  His newest project The Jake Kaplan's Haunted Big Band is currently experimenting with innovative ways to remotely record and release music.  He received a Bachelor's degree in Bass Performance from University of the Arts, and a Master's degree in Jazz Composition from the New England Conservatory. Jake's music has been recognized with grants from the Painted Bride Art Center, and the University of the Arts, and Jazz Bridge. His most recent orchestral commission premiered at Carnegie Hall in May, 2019. He is currently available for jazz and classical commissions.
     In summer of 2021, Jake released a debut under his own name, 'House Music,' was recorded entirely remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic. When the situation allows, both Jake and the Haunted Big Band are excited to perform this music live for the first time. 

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